June 2nd, 2018

This year will be for the family of Nolan Ritch

On Sunday, March 11th, 2018 we were all saddened to hear that Nolan Robert Ritch had passed away. Nolan was a 29-year-old handsome, athletic, fun loving, and caring, family man with strong Dobbs Ferry roots. If you were fortunate enough to have known, or even just met Nolan, you would always walk away with a smile. He made everyone around him feel that way. It was a gift that his family, friends, or even strangers were blessed to experience. Nolan was the loving son of Bobby and Carolyn Ritch, the best friend to his sister that he adored, Kristin, the girlfriend he loved Antonia, and the most precious love of his life, his beautiful daughter Rhiannon. His feelings for his family were never more evident when Nolan ended his notes or texts to his loved ones with “Family First” no matter what! I think that says it all about the character and upbringing Nolan had. This will be part of our mission statement on June 2nd.

Unfortunately, while putting a smile on all our faces and making sure you were doing okay, Nolan had been battling his own addiction. This insidious disease that does not discriminate whether you’re rich, poor, young or old. Addiction is destroying families, communities, and has become a nationwide epidemic. Nolan fought with all he had, with his loving parents and family by his side the whole time. But the addiction was too much and unfortunately took his life. We (the Dobbs Ferry One board) were fortunate enough to meet with family during this most difficult time. They wanted to share their story in the hopes that more awareness, and understanding of addiction would save lives. They have all been so honest and courageous which has motivated us to help end this epidemic. God Bless them all.

So, let’s please come together on Saturday, June 2nd and help one of our own with a little bit of laughter, some great food, and a few drinks. Most importantly let’s come together with great friends and communities that care and are here for the Ritch Family!  

As Nolan would want it that way.

”Family First”

A note to all from Carolyn Ritch

As most of you may know we lost our beautiful son, Nolan, to addiction.

I couldn’t have been more proud of my son. He was handsome, kind, with an incredibly witty sense of humor. Even through his hardest times, he always found a way to make us laugh. His smile could light up a room, but most of all, it lit up our hearts.

We would like to thank everyone for all of your love and support during this difficult time. He will be missed terribly but the memories he left us will live with us forever!



May 20th, 2017


On October 3, 2016, Jacob Moon was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Sanfilippo Syndrome.  Sanfilippo Syndrome (also known as MPS III) is a progressive and fatal disease affecting 1 in 70,000 children.

Jacob, who is now seven years old, lacks an enzyme that breaks down cellular waste.  This waste is building up in his brain cells and will eventually reach toxic levels, destroying his brain over time.  This will result in major regression throughout Jacob’s remaining years and reduce his life expectancy to his late teens.  That regression may include but is not limited to hyperactivity, sleeplessness, loss of speech and other bodily functions, mental retardation, cardiac issues, seizures, loss of mobility, and dementia.  Sanfilippo Syndrome is often referred to as Alzheimer’s for children.  Even though there is promising research, there is currently no cure.

The Moon family moved to Dobbs Ferry in 2011.  Ella (9) and Jacob attend Springhurst while Matthew (4) attends Christian Preschool.  William and Christine have been amazed with the outpouring of love and support from the Dobbs Ferry community.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Jacob, he is the happiest, sweetest and most energetic boy on the planet.  He loves to give hugs, kisses and high fives as much as he loves to run and jump.  They do not want to lose him to Sanfilippo.

If interested you can follow their journey at


Hi All- Just wanted to say THANKS to all who attended, donated, and helped make the 8th Annual DF Pub Crawl Fundraiser one of the best! The Dobbs Ferry One Committee worked relentlessly all year to make this a special and uplifting day. I would say that the Committee and all the Volunteers achieved that goal and beyond. The whole Cox family was so appreciative, with the ultimate being Michelle Cox getting enough strength to make sure she attended. Just to see her and speak with her was the highlight of the whole day! What a special, beautiful young lady she is. I am also happy to say Michelle is improving each day….I think seeing all those faces of genuine support and care on Saturday is sometimes the best medicine. What a special community we live in which includes all our neighbors from Hastings, Irvington, Ardsley, and beyond. The support when needed has no boundaries. Truly amazing.

We still have donations coming in but we are now at $12,000…incredible and appreciated

 A Big Thanks to…

  • Matt Kay at Cedar Street Grill
  • Maurice Giliberti at Sam’s Italian Ristorante
  • Rich Doyle and Dennis O’Brien at Celtic Corner
  • Tim Hartnett and Danny Caldara at Doubleday’s

Their generosity can’t be measured. This day does not happen without them!! Thanks Guys

Also Special Thank You to...

The Dobbs Ferry One Committee (Courtney Noe, Jill Harnett, Jenny Keane, Jess Black, Arlene Costello, Vin Giordano, Dennis O’Brien)

And to Kathleen Tobacco who volunteered her time to help the Committee…and brought her contagious smile too…Thank You!

What a First Class Group of People…you really are what community is all about…

Our Shirt Sponsors We THANK YOU

  • Brian Keane - BK Appraisals
  • Jimmy Piacentino - DJ’s Cleaners
  • Alan Straub - Incredible Cycle
  • Joe Cirillo - JoeC.Me and ALC Enterprises
  • Sherif Hassan - Team Fund Up (Printed up those beautiful shirts)

The donations of Checks, Prizes and Raffle items are so greatly appreciated and We Thank these generous people who are always trying to make sure everyone walks away with something…

  • Neil Pilsner
  • Jim Sullivan CBS
  • John Scroope
  • Kevin Hartnett
  • Paula Golio
  • Doris Lerner Shrenkel
  • Kenny Curtin
  • Marian Tierney
  • Scott Ritch
  • Joe Cirillo
  • Alan Straub
  • Chris and Brenda Scaperrotta
  • Colleen Long
  • Danny Sollecito

We can’t forget Noreen Leggiero who without her relentless selling we would not have sold any Raffle Tickets…Thank You

Have a Safe, Healthy and Happy Summer!!

Thank You All Again!


Tom Anderson and the Dobbs Ferry One Committee


JUNE 11, 2016


On February 28, 2016 Michelle Cox was in a serious car accident while traveling in the Dominican Republic. She was taken to a local hospital there with severe injuries to her hip, pelvis and eye.  While her father, John immediately went to her, the rest of the family and her friends worked tirelessly to research the best course of action.  She was unable to move or eat and Michelle was in extraordinary, unyielding pain.  After discussions with doctors both at New York Presbyterian and in the Dominican Republic, the appropriate course of action was agreed upon and Michelle needed to return to New York as soon as possible.  On the morning of March 4, 2016, a small private plane left for the Dominican Republic with one task only – bring back Michelle and John.  She arrived at New York Presbyterian where doctors prepared her for the next step.  On March 11, 2016 she was operated on and an external fixator (picture a towel bar) was affixed to her pelvis to keep her bones aligned allowing her body to heal over the following 5 weeks.  Michelle returned to her parent’s home on March 17, 2016 where she is recovering with the help of physical therapy.  The recovery has been difficult and sometimes it even seemed impossible, however, with the help of family and friends, Michelle has rallied with a vengeance and a full recovery is expected within the next several months.  Hopes that the hospital bed, wheelchair, walker and crutches will all soon be a memory.

A note from committee member Tom Anderson on the 7th annual pub crawl:

I just wanted to say a BIG THANKS to everyone who supported, donated, and took some time out of their busy schedule to attend the Pub Crawl Fundraiser this past Saturday! It was truly an uplifting, positive, and all around amazing day…..We were fortunate enough that both Louise and Kenny were both able to attend. The smile on their faces really summed up what the day is all about!
We live in a special community that is second to none, and the support we give each other is overwhelming. It really makes you proud to call Dobbs Ferry your home…and we must not forget all of our neighbors who supported our cause too….All of our friends from Hasting’s, Ardsley, Irvington, Yonkers, and beyond…Thank You!!
As of last night we have raised $21,680..(pretty incredible)…and we are keeping online donations open until June 15th..We do have a few more checks so the number will increase….but wanted to let you know where we stood as of yesterday!

Also a special Thanks to…
Matt and Joe Kay at Cedar Street Grill
Maurice Giliberti and his staff at Sam’s
Richie Doyle and Dennis O’Brien at Celtic Corner
Danny Caldara and Timmy Hartnett at Doubleday’s
Brian Keane, BK Appraisals
Alan Straub, Spincredible
Joe Cirillo, JoeC.Me
Jim Piacentino, DJ Cleaners
Kathy O’Hara on the Bag Pipes…what a great job she did!!  Thank You Kathy

Matt Beer for designing the amazing posters, flyers and logo

And the Dobbs Ferry One Committee…
This day does not happen if not for the generosity and support of all these People and their Establishments, Company’s, and Committees..
Thanks again to you all!
Have a Happy, Healthy, and Safe Summer….and remember to keep Louise and Kenny in your thoughts and prayers.

7th Annual Dobbs Ferry Pub Crawl

June 6, 2015



Louise Marino Cassella has been suffering from Huntington's Disease (chorea) since May 2005. She has been followed at the Huntington's Center of Columbia New York Presbyterian since being diagnosed. Huntington's chorea is a neurological, genetic disorder that inhibits one's balance, speech and cognitive decisions, which makes day-to-day life a strenuous activity. There is no cure for this degenerative and hereditary disease.

Dobbs Ferry has been Louise's home since she was a young student at Dobbs Ferry Middle School and High School, where she graduated in 1970. After living in various cities throughout her young adulthood, she eventually came back to New York to raise her family, Emily and Michael Cassella, in Dobbs Ferry, where she currently resides.

Louise is a fighter, with a most positive attitude. However, every day is a battle for her and more challenging than the last. She has trouble walking and needs constant assistance with most daily tasks ― tasks that we all perform every day with no trouble.

For the past four years, she has lived with her daughter Emily, and in the past year requires an aide from 8:00 to 5:00, seven days a week. The goal is to continue with full-time professional assistance until she is situated in an assisted living facility that can accommodate her specific needs. A personal aide, on top of facility costs, will become increasingly financially problematic and is unfortunately what she will need moving forward. 

Kenny "The Cabbie" Schoene is a longtime friend and Dobbs Ferry resident.  Kenny was diagnosed with lung cancer this past year and is presently undergoing chemotherapy.  Kenny has a long fight ahead of him, but knowing our favorite cabbie we know he will overcome this battle.  "Captain Crash" as many refer to him, is always willing to help anyone in need and now it's our turn to help out our good friend. 

Kenny's smile, laugh and positive attitude has been an inspiration to all of us.  He is battling this insidious disease with that same attitude.... "Upbeat and always positive." He has never once said, "Why me?"… If you have been lucky enough to spend a few minutes with Kenny, you always walk away a little bit happier and feeling better. Now it's time for all of us to give back that happiness and joy to our friend Kenny! 

If we have learned anything with those we have helped, whether an individual or family member, the financial support is appreciated, but the best medicine is seeing all the people who genuinely care!